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Geody   Geody

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Geody Geody - The World's search engine
Geody Geody - The World's search engine

Tom Tom OV2 POI graphics (22x22, 16 colors):
Geody TomTom OV2 compatible Geody logo, white background
Geody TomTom OV2 compatible Geody logo, black background

Text Link:
<a href="//www.geody.com/">Geody - The World's search engine</a> - <em>Geographic search engine to find places on Earth, the planets and Space. Supports Google Earth and other websites and applications</em>
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Can be read by dedicated devices or mobile phones with camera and proper software
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Audio files:
Might be useful for deaf and hearing-impaired people
Geody - geody.com - www.geody.com
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www.geody.com: .-- .-- .-- .-.-.- --. . --- -.. -.-- .-.-.- -.-. --- --

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