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NameCountryFeature LatitudeLongitude
AmarilloTX, USAPopulated place35.222-101.8313
Amarillo Air Force Base (historical)TX, USA35.21944-101.70583
Amarillo DivisionTX, USAAdministrative area35.23484-101.79266
Amarillo LakeTX, USALake35.21912-101.85334
Amarillo Terminal ReservoirTX, USAArtificial lake35.23883-101.76263
Amarillo Dillas Pro Baseball FieldTX, USAPark35.18116-101.88213
Amarillo Trinity Fellowship School StadiumTX, USAPark35.11533-101.89686
Amarillo Country ClubTX, USASpot35.20839-101.88936
Amarillo Rifle and Pistol Club Firing RangeTX, USASpot35.29033-101.88213
Amarillo Speed BowlTX, USASpot35.25283-101.7963
Amarillo City HallTX, USABuilding35.20687-101.83103
Amarillo College Administration Building and GymnasiumTX, USABuilding35.18866-101.84852
Amarillo Fire Department Administration and PreventionTX, USABuilding35.21077-101.84083
Amarillo Fire Department Station 10TX, USABuilding35.22485-101.70021
Amarillo Fire Department Station 11TX, USABuilding35.23579-101.91242
Amarillo Fire Department Station 12TX, USABuilding35.14982-101.87199
Amarillo Fire Department Station 1 HeadquartersTX, USABuilding35.2099-101.84078
Amarillo Fire Department Station 2TX, USABuilding35.17693-101.94215
Amarillo Fire Department Station 3TX, USABuilding35.13698-101.90298
Amarillo Fire Department Station 4TX, USABuilding35.25046-101.83209
Amarillo Fire Department Station 5TX, USABuilding35.18004-101.84887
Amarillo Fire Department Station 6TX, USABuilding35.19037-101.79794
Amarillo Fire Department Station 7TX, USABuilding35.22156-101.79343
Amarillo Fire Department Station 8TX, USABuilding35.21637-101.88452
Amarillo Fire Department Station 9TX, USABuilding35.17664-101.88361
Amarillo Globe Dream HouseTX, USABuilding35.18116-101.84435
Amarillo Medical ServicesTX, USABuilding35.18282-101.88319
Amarillo Museum of ArtTX, USABuilding35.18922-101.84463
Amarillo Police DepartmentTX, USABuilding35.21044-101.83605
Amarillo Terminal Reservoir LeveeTX, USASpot35.24172-101.76213
Amarillo Osteopathic HospitalTX, USAHospital35.2045-101.84686
Amarillo Post OfficeTX, USAPost Office35.18788-101.81579
Amarillo Post Office Jordan StationTX, USAPost Office35.19074-101.9342
Amarillo Post Office North StationTX, USAPost Office35.22366-101.81274
Amarillo Post Office San Jacinto StationTX, USAPost Office35.21373-101.88359
Amarillo Post Ofiice Downtown StationTX, USAPost Office35.20436-101.83223
Amarillo Area Center for Advanced LearningTX, USASchool35.22654-101.88034
Amarillo CollegeTX, USASchool35.18841-101.84711
Amarillo High SchoolTX, USASchool35.20089-101.83852
Amarillo Baptist ChurchTX, USAChurch/Temple35.21755-101.86491

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