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NameCountryFeature LatitudeLongitude
LovelandCO, USAPopulated place40.39776-105.07498
Loveland HeightsCO, USAPopulated place40.38971-105.46417
Loveland DivisionCO, USAAdministrative area40.43153-105.18903
Loveland and Greeley CanalCO, USACanal40.3797-104.88387
Loveland LateralCO, USACanal37.50612-105.99308
Loveland ReservoirCO, USAArtificial lake40.31695-105.09757
Loveland Water Storage ReservoirCO, USAArtificial lake40.42508-105.21133
Loveland Mountain ParkCO, USAPark40.41665-105.27554
Loveland Trail ParkCO, USAPark39.67528-105.15
Loveland Filtration PlantCO, USASpot40.42582-105.20888
Loveland PowerplantCO, USASpot40.41998-105.2836
Loveland Ski AreaCO, USASpot39.67804-105.90112
Loveland Water TanksCO, USASpot40.40915-105.15109
Loveland Fire and Rescue Station 1CO, USABuilding40.39622-105.0716
Loveland Fire and Rescue Station 2CO, USABuilding40.41938-105.09638
Loveland Fire and Rescue Station 3CO, USABuilding40.38326-105.11557
Loveland Fire and Rescue Station 4CO, USABuilding40.44978-105.0054
Loveland Fire and Rescue Station 5CO, USABuilding40.43894-105.07563
Loveland Fire and Rescue Station 6CO, USABuilding40.41022-105.01638
Loveland Police DepartmentCO, USABuilding40.4008-105.0665
Loveland Burial ParkCO, USACemetery40.41275-105.07525
Loveland DamCO, USASpot40.31332-105.09915
Loveland Water Storage DamCO, USASpot40.42471-105.21059
Loveland Memeorial HospitalCO, USAHospital40.39776-105.08971
Loveland Gravel PitCO, USASpot40.39804-105.12109
Loveland MineCO, USASpot39.8486-105.22971
Loveland QuarryCO, USASpot40.41554-105.16387
Loveland Sandstone QuarryCO, USASpot40.43443-105.19971
Loveland Sugar Refinery QuarryCO, USASpot40.40498-105.06303
Loveland Post OfficeCO, USAPost Office40.42114-105.07063
Loveland High SchoolCO, USASchool40.42064-105.0916
Loveland PassCO, USATerrain39.6636-105.87918
Loveland MountainCO, USAMountain39.30889-106.30583

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