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NameCountryFeature LatitudeLongitude
MiamiFL, USAPopulated place25.77427-80.19366
Miami BeachFL, USAPopulated place25.79065-80.13004
Miami GardensFL, USAPopulated place25.97982-80.20255
Miami GardensFL, USAPopulated place25.94204-80.24561
Miami Heights Trailer ParkFL, USAPopulated place25.84333-80.255
Miami Heights Trailer ParkFL, USAPopulated place25.84362-80.25467
Miami LakesFL, USAPopulated place25.90871-80.30866
Miami ShoresFL, USAPopulated place25.86315-80.19283
Miami SpringsFL, USAPopulated place25.82232-80.2895
Miami Terrace Mobile HomeFL, USAPopulated place25.75944-80.30889
Miami Terrace Mobile Home ParkFL, USAPopulated place25.76-80.3085
Miami Army Air Field (historical)FL, USA25.795-80.28555
Miami Beach DivisionFL, USAAdministrative area25.84876-80.10446
Miami-Dade CountyFL, USAAdministrative area25.60897-80.49867
Miami DivisionFL, USAAdministrative area25.82866-80.22545
Miami Gardens DivisionFL, USAAdministrative area25.94911-80.25031
Miami South CannelFL, USAHydrographic feature25.75704-80.18421
Miami CanalFL, USACanal26.12981-80.62145
Miami Canal Number C-6FL, USACanal25.91704-80.40867
Miami Outboard Club MarinaFL, USAHarbour25.7823-80.1721
Miami RiverFL, USAStream25.77038-80.18671
Miami Beach Botanical GardenFL, USAPark25.795-80.13556
Miami Beach Recreational Youth CenterFL, USAPark25.80399-80.12949
Miami Lakes Picnic ParkFL, USAPark25.91454-80.29783
Miami Marine StadiumFL, USAPark25.7425-80.17
Miami Police Benevolent Association ParkFL, USAPark25.78538-80.23338
Miami River Rapids Mini ParkFL, USAPark25.79315-80.24144
Miami Springs Recreation CenterFL, USAPark25.82176-80.29894
Miami Airport Industrial CenterFL, USASpot25.80167-80.26139
Miami Airport StationFL, USASpot25.795-80.25861
Miami Amtrak StationFL, USASpot25.84985-80.25807
Miami Arena (historical)FL, USASpot25.78121-80.19477
Miami Avenue StationFL, USASpot25.77306-80.19389
Miami Beach MarinaFL, USASpot25.77028-80.14028
Miami Country ClubFL, USASpot25.94343-80.31422
Miami-Dade County Department of Youth and Family DevelopmentFL, USASpot25.69066-80.37145
Miami-Dade County Fire Control HeadquartersFL, USASpot25.54566-80.40339
Miami - Dade Police Department Metropolitan Police Institute (Training Bureau)FL, USASpot25.82649-80.35172
Miami-Everglades KampgroundFL, USASpot25.57361-80.45194
Miami Gardens-441 Shopping CenterFL, USASpot25.94028-80.20139
Miami Gardens Shopping PlazaFL, USASpot25.95593-80.31921
Miami Grand Prix TrackFL, USASpot25.78232-80.18755
Miami - Haiti Terminal WharfFL, USASpot25.8025-80.2542
Miami Industrial ParkFL, USASpot25.93972-80.19722
Miami International MallFL, USASpot25.76149-80.39283
Miami International Merchandise MartFL, USASpot25.77806-80.31028
Miami Lakes Country ClubFL, USASpot25.91398-80.322
Miami Municipal Golf CourseFL, USASpot25.80222-80.13139
Miami National Golf ClubFL, USASpot28.7878-81.6309
Miami Park Railroad StationFL, USASpot25.9237-80.21422

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