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NameCountryFeature LatitudeLongitude
ReadingPA, USAPopulated place40.33565-75.92687
Reading ManorPA, USAPopulated place40.28398-75.81835
Reading Number ThreePA, USAPopulated place40.08786-78.96086
Reading Army Air Field (historical)PA, USA40.37833-75.96667
Reading Country Club SpringPA, USASpring40.29982-75.84881
Reading CreekPA, USAStream40.29178-75.24129
Reading Crest ParkPA, USAPark40.39765-75.94121
Reading GreenwayPA, USAPark40.33111-75.93787
Reading Iron PlaygroundPA, USAPark40.3282-75.92296
Reading Police MemorialPA, USAPark40.33727-75.91396
Reading Archery ClubPA, USASpot40.2834-75.95443
Reading Area Fire Fighters MuseumPA, USASpot40.32755-75.92785
Reading Country ClubPA, USASpot40.30398-75.84826
Reading FairgroundsPA, USASpot40.38398-76.00409
Reading Junction StationPA, USASpot40.08452-78.94086
Reading MallPA, USASpot40.30914-75.86739
Reading Outlet CenterPA, USASpot40.34588-75.92078
Reading Pennsylvania Station (historical)PA, USASpot40.33601-75.93564
Reading PlazaPA, USASpot40.34449-75.92485
Reading Railroad Massacre Historic MarkerPA, USASpot40.33521-75.92385
Reading StationPA, USASpot39.95289-75.15935
Reading StationPA, USASpot40.35-75.92468
Reading Regional Airport/Carl A Spaatz FieldPA, USAAirport40.3819-75.96812
Reading Airport Fire BrigadePA, USABuilding40.37488-75.96482
Reading Airport Terminal BuildingPA, USABuilding40.37423-75.96397
Reading Art Gallery and PlanetariumPA, USABuilding40.3262-75.9516
Reading City HallPA, USABuilding40.33704-75.92173
Reading Civic OperaPA, USABuilding40.3376-75.91836
Reading Elks HomePA, USABuilding40.36802-75.90078
Reading Emergency Medical ServicesPA, USABuilding40.33825-75.92458
Reading Fire and RescuePA, USABuilding40.32335-75.93424
Reading Fire and Rescue Hampden - Marion Fire CompanyPA, USABuilding40.35315-75.91937
Reading Fire and Rescue Keystone - Neversink Fire CompanyPA, USABuilding40.33611-75.93146
Reading Fire and Rescue - Liberty Fire CompanyPA, USABuilding40.3275-75.92786
Reading Fire and Rescue - Oakbrook Fire CompanyPA, USABuilding40.31667-75.93486
Reading Fire and Rescue Rainbow - Junior Fire CompanyPA, USABuilding40.33625-75.92168
Reading Fire and Rescue Reading Hose - Friendship Fire CompanyPA, USABuilding40.33338-75.92522
Reading Fire and Rescue Schuylkill - Riverside Fire CompanyPA, USABuilding40.35037-75.9369
Reading Franklin Street StationPA, USABuilding40.33301-75.92428
Reading Hardware Company (historical)PA, USABuilding40.32652-75.92886
Reading Hospital A BuildingPA, USABuilding40.33089-75.94915
Reading Hospital and Medical Center-Kutztown LaboratoryPA, USABuilding40.50115-75.79364
Reading Hospital B BuildingPA, USABuilding40.3309-75.94968
Reading Hospital C BuildingPA, USABuilding40.33093-75.95016
Reading Hospital Child Development CenterPA, USABuilding40.33331-75.94909
Reading Hospital D BuildingPA, USABuilding40.33092-75.95073
Reading Hospital Doctor's Office BuildingPA, USABuilding40.33212-75.95157
Reading Hospital E BuildingPA, USABuilding40.33099-75.95121
Reading Hospital G BuildingPA, USABuilding40.33081-75.94881
Reading Hospital Health Education CenterPA, USABuilding40.32895-75.95144

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