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NameCountryFeature LatitudeLongitude
Saint PaulMN, USAPopulated place44.94441-93.09328
Saint Paul ChurchMN, USAPopulated place46.78494-92.21158
Saint Paul ParkMN, USAPopulated place44.84219-92.99133
Saint Paul WaterworksMN, USASpot44.99552-93.10078
Saint Paul Ramsey Medical Center HeliportMN, USAAirport44.95663-93.09467
Saint Paul City Hall and CourthouseMN, USABuilding44.9444-93.0937
Saint Paul Fire Department HeadquartersMN, USABuilding44.92712-93.12666
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 1MN, USABuilding44.92712-93.12712
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 14MN, USABuilding44.94467-93.16735
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 17MN, USABuilding44.97812-93.07321
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 18MN, USABuilding44.95609-93.12914
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 19MN, USABuilding44.90378-93.1767
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 20MN, USABuilding44.96133-93.19019
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 22MN, USABuilding44.97051-93.10934
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 23MN, USABuilding44.97607-93.18139
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 24MN, USABuilding44.94936-93.02564
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 4MN, USABuilding44.95679-93.07889
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 5MN, USABuilding44.9436-93.13668
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 6MN, USABuilding44.93323-93.08268
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 7MN, USABuilding44.96558-93.05669
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 8MN, USABuilding44.95069-93.09633
Saint Paul Fire Department Station 9MN, USABuilding44.97723-93.03201
Saint Paul Fire Station Number 10MN, USABuilding44.92662-93.13181
Saint Paul Fire Training Office and TowerMN, USABuilding44.97232-93.17178
Saint Paul OrphangeMN, USABuilding44.95052-93.13966
Saint Paul Park Fire DepartmentMN, USABuilding44.847-92.9888
Saint Paul Park Police DepartmentMN, USABuilding44.84722-92.98914
Saint Paul Police Department - Battle Creek Police StorefrontMN, USABuilding44.95225-93.01197
Saint Paul Police Department - Central DistrictMN, USABuilding44.95602-93.08706
Saint Paul Police Department - Dayton's Bluff Community StorefrontMN, USABuilding44.96112-93.06706
Saint Paul Police Department - Eastern DistrictMN, USABuilding44.96329-93.07301
Saint Paul Police Department - Phalen Village StorefrontMN, USABuilding44.97775-93.04001
Saint Paul Police Department - Skyway SubstationMN, USABuilding44.94841-93.09226
Saint Paul Police Department - Western DistrictMN, USABuilding44.95332-93.15735
Saint Paul Police Department - West Side SubstationMN, USABuilding44.93106-93.07686
Saint Paul Public LibraryMN, USABuilding44.9438-93.0971
Saint Paul CemeteryMN, USACemetery43.83384-92.17571
Saint Paul CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.88052-94.05219
Saint Paul CemeteryMN, USACemetery46.3986-95.94444
Saint Paul Evangelical Church CemeteryMN, USACemetery43.8694-93.72717
Saint Pauli CemeteryMN, USACemetery47.26691-96.77673
Saint Pauli CemeteryMN, USACemetery45.36527-95.43416
Saint Pauli CemeteryMN, USACemetery45.42646-96.43069
Saint Paul's Catholic CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.96944-93.84722
Saint Paul's CemeteryMN, USACemetery43.81856-93.77716
Saint Paul's CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.02138-92.22027
Saint Paul's CemeteryMN, USACemetery45.8611-95.58721
Saint Paul's CemeteryMN, USACemetery46.08944-95.35444
Saint Paul's CemeteryMN, USACemetery47.51471-95.64055
Saint Paul's CemeteryMN, USACemetery46.76111-95.50971

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