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NameCountryFeature LatitudeLongitude
Saint Pauls CemeteryMN, USACemetery45.06496-93.83608
Saint Pauls CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.54385-94.22524
Saint Pauls CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.75829-94.73221
Saint Pauls CemeteryMN, USACemetery45.0819-93.91219
Saint Pauls CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.60774-94.08719
Saint Pauls CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.47305-95.32082
Saint Paul's Evangelical CemeteryMN, USACemetery43.67384-94.62247
Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran CemeteryMN, USACemetery45.12833-95.59305
Saint Paul's Evangelical Reformed Church CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.72385-93.93021
Saint Paul's Lutheran CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.71683-93.41126
Saint Paul's Lutheran CemeteryMN, USACemetery43.56107-94.5397
Saint Paul's Lutheran CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.05162-93.38715
Saint Paul's Lutheran CemeteryMN, USACemetery43.88467-94.16884
Saint Paul's Lutheran CemeteryMN, USACemetery45.4561-94.84583
Saint Paul's Lutheran CemeteryMN, USACemetery46.63332-95.84027
Saint Paul's Lutheran CemeteryMN, USACemetery46.9636-95.3186
Saint Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery (historical)MN, USACemetery46.23889-95.30972
Saint Paul's Priory CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.99527-92.98833
Saint Paulus Lutheran CemeteryMN, USACemetery44.90527-92.78388
Saint Paul Radiology CenterMN, USAHospital44.9437-93.1076
Saint Paul Ramsey Medical CenterMN, USAHospital44.9557-93.0945
Saint Paul MineMN, USASpot47.40493-93.0863
Saint Paul Park Post OfficeMN, USAPost Office44.84687-92.99831
Saint Paul Post OfficeMN, USAPost Office44.94743-93.09135
Saint Paul AcademyMN, USASchool44.92608-93.173
Saint Paul Academy and Summit School - Goodrich CampusMN, USASchool44.93744-93.14927
Saint Paul Academy and Summit School - Randolph CampusMN, USASchool44.92643-93.17355
Saint Paul Academy Summit Lower SchoolMN, USASchool44.9375-93.1486
Saint Paul Area Learning CenterMN, USASchool44.95435-93.14966
Saint Paul Bible College (historical)MN, USASchool44.96497-93.15717
Saint Paul City Primary SchoolMN, USASchool44.95827-93.1113
Saint Paul CollegeMN, USASchool44.94909-93.10994
Saint Paul Conservation Performing ArtMN, USASchool44.94562-93.09714
Saint Paul High SchoolMN, USASchool45.01275-93.12411
Saint Paul Lutheran Church SchoolMN, USASchool43.83246-94.43386
Saint Paul Music AcademyMN, USASchool44.97603-93.10022
Saint Paul Open SchoolMN, USASchool44.93919-93.11471
Saint Paul Park High SchoolMN, USASchool44.84135-92.99661
Saint Paul's AcademyMN, USASchool46.70889-92.44417
Saint Paul SchoolMN, USASchool43.64718-94.46191
Saint Paul SeminaryMN, USASchool44.93996-93.19578
Saint Paul's Lutheran SchoolMN, USASchool43.54413-94.54025
Saint Paul's Lutheran SchoolMN, USASchool43.87219-95.59751
Saint Paul's Lutheran SchoolMN, USASchool43.64663-92.99464
Saint Paul's Lutheran SchoolMN, USASchool43.98135-94.62303
Saint Paul's Lutheran SchoolMN, USASchool44.30718-94.46635
Saint Paul's Lutheran SchoolMN, USASchool44.51056-92.92083
Saint Paul's Lutheran SchoolMN, USASchool44.60603-94.08408
Saint Paul's Lutheran SchoolMN, USASchool46.59694-95.57917
Saint Paul's Lutheran SchoolMN, USASchool44.72306-93.40722

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