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NameCountryFeature LatitudeLongitude
San FranciscoCA, USAAdministrative area34.40694-118.61203
San FranciscoCA, USAPopulated place37.775-122.41944
San Francisco Naval Communication Station - StocktonCA, USA37.95304-121.35835
San Francisco CountyCA, USAAdministrative area37.77823-122.4425
San Francisco De Las LlagasCA, USAAdministrative area37.07412-121.62272
San Francisco DivisionCA, USAAdministrative area37.77823-122.4425
San Francisco BayCA, USABay37.70826-122.28025
San Francisco Bay Discovery SiteCA, USAPark37.60438-122.45831
San Francisco Maritime National Historical ParkCA, USAPark37.81007-122.42442
San Francisco ParkCA, USAPark37.80882-122.42719
San Francisco State Fish and Game RefugeCA, USAPark37.56049-122.42414
San Francisco CampCA, USASpot37.28494-122.27136
San Francisco Campfire Girls CampCA, USASpot39.63073-120.64439
San Francisco Centre Shopping CenterCA, USASpot37.7841-122.40747
San Francisco Golf ClubCA, USASpot37.71049-122.47803
San Francisco Jail SiteCA, USASpot37.62632-122.46081
San Francisco-Oakland TerminalCA, USASpot37.82354-122.31497
San Francisco Police Pistol RangeCA, USASpot37.71993-122.49942
San Francisco Port of EmbarkationCA, USASpot37.80826-122.43108
San Francisco Retail Square Shopping CenterCA, USASpot37.76993-122.4072
San Francisco SolanoCA, USASpot33.6103-117.62477
San Francisco State College CampCA, USASpot39.62407-120.57383
San Francisco State University CampCA, USASpot39.62351-120.5791
San Francisco Water TempleCA, USASpot37.58549-121.88551
San Francisco Yacht ClubCA, USASpot37.87132-122.46191
San Francisco Bay Airport (historical)CA, USAAirport37.96472-122.50389
San Francisco International AirportCA, USAAirport37.61765-122.38168
San Francisco-Oakland Bay BridgeCA, USASpot37.81604-122.35303
San Francisco City HallCA, USABuilding37.7791-122.41886
San Francisco Civic Center Historic DistrictCA, USABuilding37.77937-122.41775
San Francisco ColumbariumCA, USABuilding37.78048-122.45692
San Francisco County Sheriff's OfficeCA, USABuilding37.76912-122.41631
San Francisco County Sheriff's Office San BrunoCA, USABuilding37.62656-122.46021
San Francisco Environmental CenterCA, USABuilding37.79049-122.40608
San Francisco Federal BuildingCA, USABuilding37.77917-122.41167
San Francisco Fire Department MuseumCA, USABuilding37.78576-122.44692
San Francisco Fire Department Station 1CA, USABuilding37.77943-122.40411
San Francisco Fire Department Station 10CA, USABuilding37.78562-122.44682
San Francisco Fire Department Station 11CA, USABuilding37.7488-122.42647
San Francisco Fire Department Station 12CA, USABuilding37.76354-122.45255
San Francisco Fire Department Station 13CA, USABuilding37.79554-122.40134
San Francisco Fire Department Station 14CA, USABuilding37.779-122.48598
San Francisco Fire Department Station 15CA, USABuilding37.72351-122.45292
San Francisco Fire Department Station 16CA, USABuilding37.79867-122.43675
San Francisco Fire Department Station 17CA, USABuilding37.72749-122.38504
San Francisco Fire Department Station 18CA, USABuilding37.75089-122.49049
San Francisco Fire Department Station 19CA, USABuilding37.72784-122.47891
San Francisco Fire Department Station 2CA, USABuilding37.79702-122.4099
San Francisco Fire Department Station 20CA, USABuilding37.75116-122.45612
San Francisco Fire Department Station 21CA, USABuilding37.77539-122.44031

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