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NameCountryFeature LatitudeLongitude
TucsonAZ, USAPopulated place32.22175-110.92648
Tucson Country Club EstatesAZ, USAPopulated place32.25924-110.8587
Tucson EstatesAZ, USAPopulated place32.18758-111.09093
Tucson Meadows Mobile Home ParkAZ, USAPopulated place32.19705-110.82076
Tucson National EstatesAZ, USAPopulated place32.35313-111.02566
Tucson Estates Census Designated PlaceAZ, USA32.1792-111.12536
Tucson International Airport Air Guard StationAZ, USA32.1308-110.94941
Tucson DivisionAZ, USAAdministrative area32.15109-110.76489
Tucson WashAZ, USAStream32.73757-110.64927
Tucson Botanical GardenAZ, USAPark32.24896-110.90898
Tucson Community CenterAZ, USAPark32.2198-110.97426
Tucson Mountain County ParkAZ, USAPark32.22424-111.15926
Tucson Mountain Wildlife AreaAZ, USAPark32.28341-111.16732
Tucson Business ParkAZ, USASpot32.1733-110.9542
Tucson Compressor StationAZ, USASpot32.36313-111.37455
Tucson Electric Power Company North Loop Generating StationAZ, USASpot32.40084-111.12627
Tucson Estates Golf CourseAZ, USASpot32.19234-111.08716
Tucson Estates Shopping CenterAZ, USASpot32.19286-111.08676
Tucson MallAZ, USASpot32.28869-110.97565
Tucson Mall Shopping CenterAZ, USASpot32.2888-110.9744
Tucson Meadows Recreational Vehicle ParkAZ, USASpot32.19744-110.81697
Tucson National Golf CourseAZ, USASpot32.36007-111.01843
Tucson Place Shopping CenterAZ, USASpot32.2883-110.96377
Tucson Trap and Skeet ClubAZ, USASpot32.20369-110.82703
Tucson International AirportAZ, USAAirport32.12043-110.93775
Tucson Medical Center HeliportAZ, USAAirport32.25119-110.87759
Tucson Children's MuseumAZ, USABuilding32.21917-110.96925
Tucson City HallAZ, USABuilding32.22259-110.97476
Tucson Fire Station 1AZ, USABuilding32.2164-110.9772
Tucson Fire Station 10AZ, USABuilding32.17826-110.9585
Tucson Fire Station 11AZ, USABuilding32.21632-110.90555
Tucson Fire Station 12AZ, USABuilding32.21872-110.7902
Tucson Fire Station 13AZ, USABuilding32.18478-110.82208
Tucson Fire Station 14AZ, USABuilding32.14735-110.97304
Tucson Fire Station 15AZ, USABuilding32.19899-110.99863
Tucson Fire Station 16AZ, USABuilding32.23716-110.83064
Tucson Fire Station 17AZ, USABuilding32.15574-110.77332
Tucson Fire Station 18AZ, USABuilding32.14327-111.02921
Tucson Fire Station 19AZ, USABuilding32.10561-110.78478
Tucson Fire Station 20AZ, USABuilding32.29361-110.96019
Tucson Fire Station 21AZ, USABuilding32.25753-110.80797
Tucson Fire Station 22AZ, USABuilding32.12801-110.91036
Tucson Fire Station 3AZ, USABuilding32.22205-110.9421
Tucson Fire Station 4AZ, USABuilding32.24274-111.03017
Tucson Fire Station 5AZ, USABuilding32.25079-110.93045
Tucson Fire Station 6AZ, USABuilding32.06633-110.85813
Tucson Fire Station 7AZ, USABuilding32.24304-110.88799
Tucson Fire Station 8AZ, USABuilding32.27404-110.97581
Tucson Fire Station 9AZ, USABuilding32.2112-110.85846
Tucson Midtown Police DepartmentAZ, USABuilding32.23495-110.92487

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