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NameCountryFeature LatitudeLongitude
CumberlandMD, USAPopulated place39.65287-78.76252
Cumberland HeightsMD, USAPopulated place39.64009-78.75697
Cumberland Country ClubMD, USASpot39.66037-78.7278
Cumberland Fair GroundsMD, USASpot39.60814-78.79807
Cumberland Shopping CenterMD, USASpot39.65315-78.76113
Cumberland City HallMD, USABuilding39.65287-78.76252
Cumberland Federal Correctional InstitutionMD, USABuilding39.59489-78.75708
Cumberland Police DepartmentMD, USABuilding39.65253-78.76237
Cumberland Residence HallMD, USABuilding39.65231-78.93586
Cumberland Visitor CenterMD, USABuilding39.65064-78.76335
Cumberland QuarryMD, USASpot39.65675-78.9428
Cumberland Post OfficeMD, USAPost Office39.65064-78.76224

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