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Geomarks on Mars

Mysterious Martian features / anomalies

Mars Face (NASA Viking 1978)Mars Face
Mars Happy Face (Smile)Happy Face (Smile)
Mars Happy Face (Smile) #2, image acquired by the Context Camera (CTX) on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on January 28, 2008Happy Face (Smile) #2
Mars Inca (Inka) CityInca City (Inka City)
Mars Humanoid Statue (NASA Spirit 2007)Humanoid statue
Mars Alien SkullAlien skull
Mars Hole (NASA HiRISE)Mars Hole
Mars TunnelsMars tunnels
Mars Forest of Giant PlantsGiant plant's forest
Mars Lake in the ForestLake in the forest

Human landers and rovers on Mars' surface

Mars NASA Viking Lander (model)NASA Viking 1 Lander (1976)
Mars NASA Viking Lander (model)NASA Viking 2 Lander (1976)
Mars NASA Mars Polar Lander being testedNASA Mars Polar Lander (launched on january 3, 1999, lost at arrival December 3, 1999 together with Deep Space 2)
Mars NASA Sojourner near to the Yogi RockNASA Mars Pathfinder lander & Sojourner rover (1997)
Mars ESA UK Beagle 2 (NASA image)ESA Beagle 2 -- crashed (2003)
Mars NASA Spirit rover (self composite picture)NASA Spirit (2004)
Mars NASA Opportunity rover (artistic rendering)NASA Opportunity (2004)
Mars NASA Phoenix lander (artistic rendering)NASA Phoenix (2008)
Mars NASA MSL Mars Science Laboratory aka Curiosity (artistic rendering)NASA Mars Science Laboratory aka Curiosity (scheduled launch autumn 2011, landing autumn 2012)
ESA ExoMars Rover (model), part of ESA's Aurora programmeESA ExoMars Rover (scheduled launch january 2016, landing autumn 2016)

Highest point

Mars Mount Olympus (extinct volcano)Mount Olympus (extinct volcano)

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